National Coalition for the Homeless Awareness Promoted by Trinity Merchant Group

A Coalition of Many, on a Single-Minded Mission to End Homelessness

Social Media Outreach is pleased to welcome a new supporter of our cause.  Trinity Merchant Group shares our belief that, through the power of social media, people can join together to create a strong hand with the ability to change their communities and the world. Each month, on the behalf of Trinity Merchant Group, we will be featuring a new organization who is making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Managing Partner Nathan Randel asked that we start with a profile of The National Coalition for the Homeless. “I’ve always had a heart for the homeless, and no organization works harder to advocate for those at risk and put an end to homelessness.”
The National Coalition for the Homeless started taking shape in 1981, when founder Robert Hayes filed a lawsuit which culminated in giving homeless people in New York City the right to shelter. He then started the community-based Coalition for the Homeless in New York City. Before long, other local and statewide coalitions sprouted and, in 1982, the National Coalition for the Homeless was formed.

A national network of people committed to a single mission, the NCH strives to create the systemic and attitudinal changes necessary to prevent and end homelessness. While tackling this goal, they simultaneously work to meet the immediate needs of people who are currently experiencing, or are at risk of experiencing, homelessness. They believe strongly that homeless people, or those who have formerly experienced homelessness, must be actively involved in all of the work they do. In addition, the NCH is made up of activists, advocates, community-based and faith-based service providers. Their combined experiences and strengths make the NCH uniquely adept at public education, policy advocacy, and grassroots organizing.


  • Faces of Homelessness Speakers’ Bureau – A program comprised of people who are or have been homeless that works to educate the public about homelessness and what can be done to end it.
  • The Homeless Challenge Project – Economically-privileged people dressing down, emptying their wallets and spending time on the streets as homeless people for up to 48 hours. This project has been hosted by NCH for more than 20 years.
  • The Bringing America Home Campaign – Dedicated to the goal of ending homelessness, the campaign is founded on the principles that people need affordable housing, livable incomes, health care, education, and protection of their civil rights.
  • National Homeless Civil Rights Organizing Project – In response to increasing civil rights abuses, NCH is coordinating a locally-based national movement to protect the civil rights of people who are homeless. Find out what you can do to help prevent and combat the violation of homeless people’s civil rights.
  • The “You Don’t Need A Home to Vote” Voting Rights Campaign – Since 1992, this campaign has already registered thousands of homeless people in all 50 states. The campaign seeks to protect and promote the right of homeless people to vote.
  • Hate Crimes/Violence Prevention Project – For many years, advocates and homeless shelter workers from around the country have received news reports of men, women and even children being harassed, kicked, set on fire, beaten to death, and even decapitated. The National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) has spearheaded the introduction and passage of legislation to add homeless people to existing hate crimes laws at the local, state and federal levels.
  • National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week – Co-sponsored annually by the National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness, National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week will be held November 12-20, 2011. Click here to see how you can become involved!
  • National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day – Since 1990, NCH has sponsored National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day on or near the first day of winter (December 21) to remember our homeless friends who have paid the ultimate price for our nation’s failure to address the issue.
  • Universal Living Wage – The Austin, TX-based group Living Wage formula is based on the premise that if a person works 40 hours a week, then he/she should be able to afford basic housing.

For nearly three decades, The National Coalition for the Homeless has empowered those experiencing homelessness while advocating for housing justice, economic justice, health care, and civil rights. Join Social Media Outreach and Trinity Merchant Group in raising awareness of their endeavors. Re-post this article on Facebook, spread the word on twitter, or get involved with a NCH project today!


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